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A rockin’ conservationist

December 17, 2009

Photo: Wikipedia Commons

So how often do I get a chance to run a glorious black-and-white photo of a heavy-metal rocker?   

The news that Metallica frontman James Hetfield has donated his second conservation easement to Marin County, California, is all over the web today, including this story from the Marin Independent Journal carried on the website.   The easements, totalling almost 770 acres,  preclude development on land surrounding the musician’s home. 

This is a really exciting offer,” said Supervisor Steve Kinsey.  He said Hetfield was “taking a break from heavy metal to become a heavy contributor to our agricultural conservation efforts.

Over on WalletPop, a personal finance website, can be found an brief analysis of what Hetfield may have had to gain, including tax benefits, from donating the easements.

Most stories mention the rocker’s wish for privacy as  motivation for the donation. But whatever his reasons, a 770-acre conservation easement is nothing to shake a guitar at, and we should all be glad to see the land protected.

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